In addition to our expansive "in stock" spring plants
 We offer a unique service we call CUSTOM GROWING!


 “We can find and grow the plants you want!”
• Annuals • Perennials • Herbs • Vegetable Plants
 Early or late season
 Your seeds or ours
 Your schedule
 Convenient/Low cost

Please contact Joan at 740-472-1116 regarding custom grow orders by FEBRUARY 28TH.
You can also contact us by email. (Email Link is on our Home page)

We "custom" grow, on your schedule, most of the items in our  2018 Product Catalogs. This is especially true for vegetable starts so we can accommodate early, late, or anywhere-in-the-middle gardeners.

However, our custom growing process goes well beyond what is in our Product catalog. We are almost always able to find that specific seed (annual, perennial, herb, or vegetable) that you want and grow that seed into a plantable "plug" on whatever time schedule you want. Since we began offering this "custom growing" option we have grown hundreds of different varieties that are not in our product catalog. 
Sometimes our customers provide us with seed and for a nominal cost, we germinate and create the plantable plug for them.

Often times, when a customer requests a custom product like an extremely hot pepper plant, we will order some extra seeds and grow a few extra plants that we can sell as a normal stock item. This allows our customers to try different things, we always have unexpected offerings for our walk-in customers, and we are able to keep the cost down for the customer who initially requested the custom product.

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